2017 IA+D Award Winners

Each year, the Department of Interior Architecture and Design awards students for their accomplishments through the past year.  I am very excited to announce that this year I have been recognized as an ASID National Portfolio Competition Semi-finalist as well as an IDEC Student Competition National Finalist.  These two competitions are put on yearly for both undergraduate and graduate students.  I throughly enjoyed being a part of these competitions and I am honored to be recognized.  I could not have done it without the support of the amazing faculty as well as my talented peers who make up the department of Interior Architecture and Design at FSU.

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FSU Interior Design among nation’s top programs for fifth consecutive year

I am pleased to announce that my program ranks among nation’s top programs for fifth consecutive year by DesignIntelligence.   While graduation is rapidly approaching, I feel prepared for my next step in the professional world come May 2017.  Of the 188 programs accredited by the Council of Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), FSU’s graduate program ranked No. 9 and the undergraduate program ranked No. 19. Upon my graduation from the FSU Department of Interior Architecture and Design I am seeking a Summer Internship prior to FSU’s one-year graduate program beginning in the Fall. 


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NEWS: Jordan Dobrow Selected as ASID Portfolio Competition Semi-Finalist

Educational Research Center

Educational Research Center Project

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) notified Jordan Dobrow today of being selected as a semi-finalist in their 2017 portfolio competition.

The Student Portfolio Competition is a national competition put on every year by the American Society of Interior Designers.  The intent of the ASID Student Portfolio Competition is to evaluate all aspects of a student’s work. The top 4 winners earn a cash prize scholarship as well an internship with 1 of 4 leading global design firms: Gensler, HKS Architects, HOK and Studio O+A.

Jordan is a current member of ASID and has been for approximately one year.  She first learned and became inspired by this competition last March at the ASID National Student Summit held at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Jordan was inspired at this event by many designers within the industry as well as many student designers who were competing in this competition last year.  She recognized the potential of networking with peers within her industry and saw the opportunities that this organization could offer.

Over the holiday break Jordan worked passionately to culminate her best projects together into a single portfolio document for submission.   Jordan is excited to have been selected as a semi-finalist and is optimistic about being selected as a portfolio finalist. On February 15th, the judging committee will reveal the next round of portfolio finalists.  Finalists are invited to SCALE: The ASID National Student Summit where they present their work to a panel of distinguished judges.


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2016 Kravet Design of Distinction Awards

As a Studio IV student last semester, I worked on a residential design project for 10 weeks.  This project entailed a 3 week pre-design phase where I performed a client interview, local site visit for which the home renovation would take place, and researched trends and patterns for creating the most functional and innovative home design for a family of five living in Tallahassee, Florida.  The preceding weeks progressed into design development.  This consisted of new space plans, renderings, fabric and finish selections and an ultimate presentation to the client.

The project was very exciting as well as informative of the residential design industry.  During the initial design phase, I traveled up to Atlanta, Georgia to visit local residential design firms, the Walker Zanger showroom as well as the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC).  All of which were very informative for my latest project.  I also visited the Kravet showroom to learn about the 2016 Kravet Design of Distinction Awards.  This competition was directed specifically for the FSU Interior Architecture and Design Program Studio IV students.

I am very excited to announce that I received recognition as a runner up in this prestigious competition for interior design students.

Kravet Competition

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Predesign Booklet – PDF

Reception Area

Prior to starting to draw up a interior design each client must be analyzed to determine critical features and functions to be incorporated in the design. The design booklet includes the questions asked of a new client, their answers, and the design analysis. The booklet is presented to a client to confirm design assumptions and approve creative direction.

The booklet for Dukes Cricket Balls is a PDF which can be downloaded and viewed below. It is advised to download it with a fast internet connection and view it on a desktop computer.

Download Pre-Design Booklet (2MB)

The final design documents for Dukes Cricket Balls can be viewed in my portfolio [here].

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An Inspiring Mentor

From a professor who taught me the basics, then guided me into the creative designer I am today, I am so pleased to share this news of her achievements!


Kenan Fishburne is an outstanding leader to students in the interior design program at FSU. Personally, she has taught me for two consecutive terms and I see her as a fantastic leader and mentor.  Out of the classroom she conducts independent research studies and is the owner and president of her interior design firm, Main Street Design, Inc.  Inside the classroom, she is an inspiring leader who creates a fun learning environment and cares for each and every one of her students.  I am honored to have her as a professor and hope to work with and learn form her for the rest of my college years and thereafter.   

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The Poetry Project

A six week project and look what I have to show for it!

Six weeks ago my professor randomly assigned me a poem.  I was required to deconstruct the poem and compose a reflection of the poems deeper meaning.  I was then to develop a concept for an airport corridor that would make all users who entered the space feel how one would feel when reading the poem.  For my project, I was given the poem A Farewell by Lord Alfred Tennyson.

[Collectively, the poem begins with a sad and remorseful tone in which the speaker is timid about the future and in denial of his impending death. Throughout the poem, the speaker relays his thoughts as he recalls his life and memories and the way he feels about death. The poem ultimately ends on a positive note and the speaker portrays how he is ready for the unexpected and has no regrets looking back on his life.  After critical analysis of the poem, the primary message the author conveys is the idea that everyone must face reality throughout his or her life and must not be fearful of the future.]

After this critical analysis, the primary goal I have derived from this poem is to evoke the feeling of a conflicting struggle and the idea of an uncontrollable destiny.  Thus the concept for this space is destiny.

Using this concept and working with it for six weeks I composed a spacial narrative of how a user would experience the space.  I also included process sketches, diagrams, a floor plan and elevation design and concluded this process with the final sketches shown below.  I incorporated universal design principles for people with all abilities and provided a text interpretation for users to read when entering the space.

The Sketches I have provided below show my design solution.

When entering this airport corridor, one will feel as though they have embarked on a journey. This symbolically represents the emotional journey that the speaker faces as he reflects on his pastimes. The entry of the space will have a dropdown, 11’ ceiling that extends up to a 20’ ceiling as one enters the space. This will present a feeling of crowding and containment to the user. The design will incorporate curved partition walls alongside the dropdown ceiling that will allow only a small amount of light to enter the entry passage. This will represent the feeling of impending hardship and uncertainty the speaker faces. After passing through the entry, the space will then open up to a larger atrium. This area will have large windows and a large instillation piece on the ceiling. This installation will have reflective qualities that throw light in various directions. This will symbolically be an area for “reflection.” In this area, the users will be able to sit in either a sociofugal or sociopetal seating arrangement. This symbolizes how the speaker worries about how everyone will forget about him when he dies. The  are faced toward a group seating arrangement to represent an individual regarding others in this way. The space will have a spiral flooring pattern that begins at the entry and comes to a central stop in the middle of the floor plan. This represents the concluding self-actualization the speaker feels at the end of the poem.  Collectively, the space embodies various aspects to coherently bring together an emotional feeling of an individual’s uncontrollable destiny

Perspective 1 (download)  Perspective 2 (download)  Perspective 3 (download)

This project was very different from any I have had before.  It required me to get creative and think of a concept that was less literal.  It brought me back two years ago to my high school AP literature class; requiring me to do poetry analysis.  When I first started this project I did not like dealing with poetry but it made me realize how much thought goes into interior design.  Every design is based off a concept and the biggest struggle for a designer, as i have come to learn, is the preliminary design steps.

I am so excited to show you part of this project after receiving an A! It makes me so proud to be part of the FSU Interior Design program.  I am also excited to share with you news I received today that Design Intelligence has moved the FSU undergraduate Interior Design program up from #5 to #2 this year!  I know that we can only go up from here!

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Project 1: Art Student SRO

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to share with you my first completed project of the year as well as my first project after being officially admitted into the FSU interior design program.  Last years hard work really paid off and I can not wait to see how these next three years as an interior design student will teach me and help me grow as a designer.   The past three weeks since classes began my professors instructed me and my fellow classmates that this year we would begin to understand and manipulate space in the third, volumetric dimension: learn what interior design is all about.  In my Graphics 1 class, I will be learning how to draw and render perspectives at the 2D level.  In my Studio 1 class I will be learning how to build 3D models.  Both of these classes are different from the other but our professors work with each other for similar projects.


This first assignment was to design a three dimensional model of a two story student residence dormitory.  We were given parameters of the exterior dimensions (15’W x 19’L x 15’H), location of the bathroom, door and window, as well as to incorporate two floors in the given space.  The rest of the model was up to the designer!


I based the concept of my design off of a tornado.  This being said, my goal was to create a circular movement in the floor plan in which everything revolved around a central location.  I accomplished this by creating a circular staircase leading up to the second floor with an open skylight above the living room to allow natural light  to enter the space.  This also makes the space seem larger from the lower level and more open in the second level.  There is also a pole that extends down from the skylight into the entry.  This is a pole that can be used by the individual inhabiting this space to move quickly from the second floor down to the first.


After working, what seemed like endless hours this past weekend, I am very proud of how my design turned out.  I can not wait to present my model this week and see what my classmates have done as well.  YAY for Interior design! 🙂

photo 1-4photo 3-2photo 5-3photo 4-2photo 2-5

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Hello! My First Post

Hello, I’m Jordan and this is my personal website where I will be documenting my journey through the interior design program at FSU. In Fall of 2013, I joined FSU as a freshman majoring in interior design and competed for admission into the interior design program. FSU is one of a very few universities that is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). The first year is quite competitive and only a small number of the competing students are eventually admitted to the program. At the end of the first year, students who choose to continue in interior design present their portfolio for a jury review by the faculty of the School of Interior Design. I am proud to say that I was selected for admission as one of 20 students by the faculty out of over 60 candidates. The department chair asked to retain some of my projects deemed of such a quality that it will be presented to CIDA when their team visits the campus to review and re-certify the FSU program and its standards. Please check out my interior design portfolio and follow my growth.

Upon graduation I desire to design luxury resorts, restaurants and nightclubs. I am currently spending the summer at my home in Miami and looking for employment as a cocktail waitress or server at a four or five star resort to gain a more personal experience with the luxury resort environment.

Also, thanks to my wonderful Daddy for building this website for me and teaching me how to add my own content!

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