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The design will inspire captivating musical moods and conceiving sound experiences that taps into the heart and soul of the inhabitants to embrace the creative and cultural experience of Stockholm, Sweden.


Stockholm, Sweden is known for its vibrant cultural scene, its creative residents as well as its glamorous nightlife. The city is located far into the northern hemisphere of the Baltic region. Due to this location, winter temperatures typically last up to 8 months and provide only around five and a half daylight hours. During the summer, Stockholm typically has 18 hours of daylight. Due to Stockholm’s vibrant cultural scene in combination with the long, dark winters, the concept derived for the Aurora Hotel is the Northern Lights, “the world’s most illuminating experience.” The design of the hotel will primarily focus on the lighting design to convey and attract visitors to the natural glow of the night sky in Sweden no matter the time of year. This concept is also chosen to represent the late night cultural experience of the Swedish people. This design will illuminate the interior through color changing accent lighting to embrace the artistic culture of Stockholm. The Northern Lights appear in many forms from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow. The implementation of this design offers an invigorating experience of culture within the hotel. The elements of line and form in combination with the principles of movement and rhythm will inform the design solution. The desired behaviors and emotions of invigorating imagination and harmonious tranquility will be evoked for visitor through the experience design of a Boutique Hotel.


  • The design incorporates fluid circulation as a calm effect for inhabitants
  • Large windows with views to the exterior blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior
  • Indirect lighting minimizes shadows and glare to provide a more comfortable sense of openness
  • Colored lighting design with muted fabrics and finishes energizes interaction among inhabitants
  • Blue and green colors introduce positive moods while also providing a calming and relaxing setting
  • Varying ceiling heights to inspire creativity
  • Small alcoves and dropped ceilings provide spaces of intimacy within the open floor plan
  • Centrally designed space plan to bring people together through an entertainment experience


To view my pre-design booklet, click here.  This booklet includes my research on my assigned location (Stockholm), hospitality design trends, precedent studies of hotels in Stockholm and local site visits performed in Tallahassee. I have also gone through extensive design diagramming and concept development to lead me to the next stage of my design: schematic design development.