Good design begins with a purpose. For me, the purpose of interior design is to inspire the inhabitants of a designed space. When I approach a project, I seek first to understand how the inhabitants live, work, learn, socialize, or play in a space. I then look for ways to empower them to achieve their goals. I utilize design techniques that encourage positive attitudes and behaviors. My design solutions are spaces that enhance people’s lives and their sense of well-being.

In each of my projects, I lay out the process of achieving designs to inspire. The first step is to identify the given parameters, understand limitations, gather research, identify desirable outcomes of the project and then develop a statement for the inspirational goal.

The inspirational goal identifies the desirable emotional and behavioral outcomes as a result of occupying the designed space. From a young age, I was captivated by spaces that were exciting, mysterious and unique. Spaces that provide a sense of wonder offer a subconscious way to communicate you are here for a specific purpose. It is my mission to create spaces that inspire this feeling for others. My designs tap into the heart, soul and passion of the inhabitants to free the spirit and let it find a life of its own. It is within inspirational spaces that people find joy, determination and love in search of a life well lived.

In order to create the inspirational space I take the emotional and inspiration concept and transform it into a visual and tangible construct. I select an element that embodies the characteristics of the inspiration. I then deconstruct the element to identify components for the design solution. The individual components derived from the concept are then mapped to the inspirational goal. These components then form my creative toolbox.

The design solution is developed through the formal design process by incorporating the components of the creative toolbox at each step of the way.

Circulation diagrams to develop the space plan, selected finishes, fixtures and furnishings, and detailed architectural elements are developed using the components to create a physical space that represents the concept and achieves the inspirational goal.

My inspiration lies in the thought process of an artist. I seek out new experiences, I view all walks of life as an opportunity for self-expression, and I always follow my guiding philosophy to inspire. The world is my canvas, and it is my desire to create a canvas for others where they least expect it.

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