Project 1: Art Student SRO

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to share with you my first completed project of the year as well as my first project after being officially admitted into the FSU interior design program.  Last years hard work really paid off and I can not wait to see how these next three years as an interior design student will teach me and help me grow as a designer.   The past three weeks since classes began my professors instructed me and my fellow classmates that this year we would begin to understand and manipulate space in the third, volumetric dimension: learn what interior design is all about.  In my Graphics 1 class, I will be learning how to draw and render perspectives at the 2D level.  In my Studio 1 class I will be learning how to build 3D models.  Both of these classes are different from the other but our professors work with each other for similar projects.


This first assignment was to design a three dimensional model of a two story student residence dormitory.  We were given parameters of the exterior dimensions (15’W x 19’L x 15’H), location of the bathroom, door and window, as well as to incorporate two floors in the given space.  The rest of the model was up to the designer!


I based the concept of my design off of a tornado.  This being said, my goal was to create a circular movement in the floor plan in which everything revolved around a central location.  I accomplished this by creating a circular staircase leading up to the second floor with an open skylight above the living room to allow natural light  to enter the space.  This also makes the space seem larger from the lower level and more open in the second level.  There is also a pole that extends down from the skylight into the entry.  This is a pole that can be used by the individual inhabiting this space to move quickly from the second floor down to the first.


After working, what seemed like endless hours this past weekend, I am very proud of how my design turned out.  I can not wait to present my model this week and see what my classmates have done as well.  YAY for Interior design! 🙂

photo 1-4photo 3-2photo 5-3photo 4-2photo 2-5

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