The Poetry Project

A six week project and look what I have to show for it!

Six weeks ago my professor randomly assigned me a poem.  I was required to deconstruct the poem and compose a reflection of the poems deeper meaning.  I was then to develop a concept for an airport corridor that would make all users who entered the space feel how one would feel when reading the poem.  For my project, I was given the poem A Farewell by Lord Alfred Tennyson.

[Collectively, the poem begins with a sad and remorseful tone in which the speaker is timid about the future and in denial of his impending death. Throughout the poem, the speaker relays his thoughts as he recalls his life and memories and the way he feels about death. The poem ultimately ends on a positive note and the speaker portrays how he is ready for the unexpected and has no regrets looking back on his life.  After critical analysis of the poem, the primary message the author conveys is the idea that everyone must face reality throughout his or her life and must not be fearful of the future.]

After this critical analysis, the primary goal I have derived from this poem is to evoke the feeling of a conflicting struggle and the idea of an uncontrollable destiny.  Thus the concept for this space is destiny.

Using this concept and working with it for six weeks I composed a spacial narrative of how a user would experience the space.  I also included process sketches, diagrams, a floor plan and elevation design and concluded this process with the final sketches shown below.  I incorporated universal design principles for people with all abilities and provided a text interpretation for users to read when entering the space.

The Sketches I have provided below show my design solution.

When entering this airport corridor, one will feel as though they have embarked on a journey. This symbolically represents the emotional journey that the speaker faces as he reflects on his pastimes. The entry of the space will have a dropdown, 11’ ceiling that extends up to a 20’ ceiling as one enters the space. This will present a feeling of crowding and containment to the user. The design will incorporate curved partition walls alongside the dropdown ceiling that will allow only a small amount of light to enter the entry passage. This will represent the feeling of impending hardship and uncertainty the speaker faces. After passing through the entry, the space will then open up to a larger atrium. This area will have large windows and a large instillation piece on the ceiling. This installation will have reflective qualities that throw light in various directions. This will symbolically be an area for “reflection.” In this area, the users will be able to sit in either a sociofugal or sociopetal seating arrangement. This symbolizes how the speaker worries about how everyone will forget about him when he dies. The  are faced toward a group seating arrangement to represent an individual regarding others in this way. The space will have a spiral flooring pattern that begins at the entry and comes to a central stop in the middle of the floor plan. This represents the concluding self-actualization the speaker feels at the end of the poem.  Collectively, the space embodies various aspects to coherently bring together an emotional feeling of an individual’s uncontrollable destiny

Perspective 1 (download)  Perspective 2 (download)  Perspective 3 (download)

This project was very different from any I have had before.  It required me to get creative and think of a concept that was less literal.  It brought me back two years ago to my high school AP literature class; requiring me to do poetry analysis.  When I first started this project I did not like dealing with poetry but it made me realize how much thought goes into interior design.  Every design is based off a concept and the biggest struggle for a designer, as i have come to learn, is the preliminary design steps.

I am so excited to show you part of this project after receiving an A! It makes me so proud to be part of the FSU Interior Design program.  I am also excited to share with you news I received today that Design Intelligence has moved the FSU undergraduate Interior Design program up from #5 to #2 this year!  I know that we can only go up from here!

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